Actress explains why she turned up at Factory Girl launch party in her knickers

Sienna Miller stunned fans by appearing to forget to put on her skirt for the Factory Girl launch party in New York. Her knickers-over-tights look set tongues wagging.

But her outfit was simply a tribute to her real-life character, Edie Sedgwick.

‘They were a f**king great idea, in my opinion,’ says Sienna, 25. ‘If anybody knew or had bothered to watch the film, they would have known that’s the outfit Edie used to wear – black tights, black knickers and a top.

‘This was the party at the Chelsea hotel where Edie lived, and I went as a homage to Edie in Edie clothes. American Vogue liked it!’

Now, the trendsetting actress is urging fashionistas around the country to sport the look.

‘I wanna see England in their pants,’ she tells Guardian Weekend Magazine. ‘I would like to set a trend where everybody in London walked about just in their pants. I’d love it,’ she says.

‘We’re going back to Adam and Eve’s time. I want to see London naked. Why not? People get really funny about nudity and I think it’s a beautiful thing.’

Anna Taylor