The man himself, Simon Cowell, has revealed EXACTLY what he thinks about this years The X Factor judging panel, what he is expecting of the contestants and why he's been such a hit with the ladies...

He’s the big cheese. Le grand fromage. The top dog. Sometimes the evil genius, sometimes the loveable Mr Nice Guy in his bootcut jeans, choosing from his wardrobe of white T’s. Yes, of course we’re talking about the one and only Simon Cowell.

And what does Mr Cowell officially have to say about this years The X Factor? A fair bit, especially on his judging panel doubts, being a massive hit with the ladies and his new best friend Grimmy ( we’re sorry you found out this way, Harry Styles).

As it turns out, even the God of V neck T-shirts doubts himself sometimes… During Simon‘s press interview he revealed, ‘I was nervous beforehand. Part of the fun on this show is changing the panel, and then part of the fear of doing this show is changing the panel! No matter how confident you are, there are always those moments a couple of days before filming where you go, ‘Was he the right choice? Was she the right choice?’ I wasn’t sure’.

But it’s okay, noone has been sent packing as Simon (inevitably) got the judging gang spot on- he admits, ‘the funny thing is within five minutes of starting on the first day I thought it was great. It just felt right, for the right reasons’.

And it looks like this is due to the new apple of Simon‘s eye (don’t worry Chez, you’re still our number one), as he continued ‘I have to credit Nick with this, he has a fantastic energy. People have always said to me that he’s like everyone’s best friend and I didn’t work it out until I met him’.

Simon is very much the cat that got the (uber talented) cream this year, as he happily revealed that this years auditions have been of such a high standard they might as well as have featured Beyoncé herself- ‘I always say it’s rare to be surprised and I don’t think it’s going to happen. But again and again on this show, I’ve been like, ‘I genuinely wasn’t expecting that…’ The music that is coming out of Britain right now and doing so well around the world is, I think, inspiring people to come on this show because it’s worth giving it a go’.

However he then revealed he has unfortunately been suffering with Mr Fitty McFittinson syndrome, having spent the duration of the auditions having to the beat his admirers off with a stick- ‘It’s normally the mums, I don’t know why, probably because I am on TV. I was going to say maybe it’s because Louis has gone, but that’s not the reason… I couldn’t care less if women throw themselves at me, it’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? I don’t like people to be well behaved on these shows, I think it’s boring. So I always encourage bad behaviour’.

And it looks like our Geordie Princess is on top form, as according to Simon ‘Cheryl’s the happiest I have seen her in years. She’s a completely different person this year. I said to her the other night, ‘You’ve got your mojo back’. She’s really enjoying being on this show, it’s not like a job, she’s enjoying it and I think that’s got a lot to do with Rita’.

And Chez’s mojo certainly involves her usual charming Geordie grit, as he continued ‘She really is competitive, it’s why she’s so good on the show, not only does she want the contestant to win, she wants to win’.

And if Mr Cowell’s closing line is anything to go by we should certainly be buckling up for a very WWE inspired competition this year, as Simon is aiming to ‘Get it into people’s heads that yes you could have a record deal if you come third or fourth, but actually it’s a badge of honour to say, ‘I won’. That tells me in the real world that they are people who are more likely to do well. I am going to explain that to the contestants, I want fighters!’.

Well well well, let the battle begin!