X Factor judge Simon Cowell is worried son Eric will ask him to quit smoking


We can’t imagine that X Factor big boss Simon Cowell is scared of many things in this world – myabe a secret phobia of snakesor or a fear that Nick Grimshaw turns up to work without his quiff completely done up and on point.

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But it seems like there’s one thing the 56-year-old music mogul is scared of, and that’s his son Eric. Yep – little baby Eric.

More specifically, he’s worried that mini-Cowell will be concerned for his dad’s health and ask him to quit smoking.

‘I don’t smoke around him and I wouldn’t do that. I have though about what he might say in a few years. It is my worst vice.’

‘I do about ten a day and I have cut down.’

Talking to the Daily Mirror, Si Cowell said that ‘these [menthol cigarettes] are as bad as the others. I do about ten a day and I have cut down. I tried the vapour ones but I hated it. I have tried everything.’

He’s even spoken to One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson about it – first he gives him fatherhood advice, now he’s confiding in him about his hopes and fears…these two sound like there need to a lads nights in with some beers and a rom com and just bond over everything!

‘I was saying to Louis, this is the one thing I would find very difficult to give up because I do love a cigerette. A cigerette and a beer.’

But one thing that Simon isn’t worried about? The X Factor’s longeivity. Despite the recent viewing figures and constantly battling it out with TV competition Strictly Come Dancing, Simon is certain that the show will still be on for at least another five years.

‘I wouldn’t worry about the future of X Factor’, he stold The Sun. ‘If we’re sitting her in ten years’ time we’ll have a very large celebration.’

‘Would I like to be celebrating my 60th with X Factor still on air? Yes I would…’

‘Ten years on, to be getting ten million viewers in this day and age – it’s a miracle.’

Somone let ol’ Simon know that Stoptober’s still going on, so, you know – if he wants to quit before Eric asks him to….

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