Duncan confided in his bandmate 8 years ago


When Blue singer Duncan James came out as bisexual last week, we wanted to know if those around him were shocked.

When we spoke exclusively to his bandmate and best friend Simon Webbe, he told us: ‘I knew all along. When he first had his feelings he came to me. We had a long chat about it 8 years ago, a year after we formed Blue.’

Was he shocked when Duncan ’fessed up? ‘No, I wasn’t shocked. I was like: “OK cool, whatever.” I said: “If you ever need anyone to talk to, you know where I am.”

‘That’s all he needed, that’s the kind of support anyone in that situation needs. It doesn’t matter what Duncan’s sexuality is, he’s my boy. I said: “Look, I’m here and I know the other guys will be here for you too. I love you and nothing’s changed.” He was really appreciative, but we’re family.’

We were also keen to know how the fans had reacted and when the rest of Blue found out. Simon revealed: ‘The fans have been fantastic. They love Duncan for Duncan. It’s nice that when the news broke, there was no one ringing me saying: “Oh my God.” It was a breath of fresh air, which proves it’s not a big deal. In 2009 someone’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue.’

See the full story about Simon Webbe and Duncan James in Now magazine dated 27 July 2009 – out now!