Actress not over her cheating ex

Sandra Bullock is determined to put on a brave face and show the world that she’s moving on with her life with baby son Louis after splitting from cheating husband Jesse James.

But Now can reveal that she is, in fact, close to melting

point over the disintegration of her marriage.

To the horror of her family and friends, Sandra, 45, has admitted that she’s still deeply in love with her Jesse – even though she filed for divorce at the end of last month.

Sandra‘s done a great job of trying to convince everyone, including herself, that she’s fine, but the reality is that she’s far from it,’ an insider reveals

Jesse, 41, is dad to six-year-old Sunny, 12-year-old Jesse Jr and 15-year-old Chandler and the kids have already bonded with Louis.

Jesse‘s very charming. He knows how to endear himself to Sandra and she’s falling for him all over again,’ our source reveals.

‘To say that she adored him is an understatement.’

See the full story about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James in Now magazine dated 24 May 2010 – out now!