Singer says it's important to The X Factor judge


Sinitta wants to find the perfect partner for her ex Simon Cowell.

The music mogul, 49, split from TV presenter Terri Seymour, 34, last year.

‘Sex is so important to Simon – that’s his trouble,’ she explains. ‘It clouds his judgement.

‘But I know what he really wants…someone to be his companion, his buddy, his mentor, someone who can put up with his work ethic.

‘He does have this problem, though. It’s called a roving eye. And he would always want a get-out card so he could still play with his mates and not mess up his relationship.’

Sinitta, 40, says she can easily spot the kind of women Simon likes. 

‘I could walk into a room and immediately spot the type of girl he’d go for,’ she tells the Sunday Mirror. ‘It would be the exotic-looking one with the curly hair and great figure.

‘He loves bright women with something to say for themselves who are also strong and creative in their own right.’