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Liam and Cheryl. Cheryl and Liam. Lheryl and Ciam. (We’ll stop, you get the general gist).

We’re still racking our poor tired brains around the fact that they’re TOGETHER, but now it looks like another spanner might have been thrown into the works…

So, remember how Beyoncé did that whole ‘hey every guess what I’M PREGGO’ thing whilst in front of loads of people?

GIF beyonce baby announcement

Well, whilst we don’t wanna play devils advocate here we still think it’s important that we inform you as to what OTHER people are saying (other people that are definitely not us).

People (that are not us) have been talking about Liam and Cheryl’s red carpet debut, in particular what could possibly be Chezza’s teeny tiny barely there bump…

Cheryl and Liam Payne

Fans have been commenting on several website comment sections with speculations over 32-year-old Chezza and 22-year-old Liam: comments on The Daily Mail read ‘Definite hint of a baby bump! Good luck to them both’, ‘She is so pregnant!!!’ and ‘OMG! Do I see a small baby bump???’.

What do we reckon? Baby bump or is it just the angle?

It was a special evening for our Chez, who received an award for her charity work. Taking to Twitter, the Geordie lass shared: ‘Thank you @GlobalGiftGala for my Global Gift Philanthropist Award.. and all of your support for my trust love you @EvaLongoria’.


Cheryl’s beau Liam also shared a message for congratulations, Tweeting:

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Alice Perry/ @AlicePerrr