Mel C sent a tweet that could suggest a reunion, but Emma Bunton says no - don't do this to us, girls!

A Spice Girls frenzy is in full swing today, as news has broken that the girls could be reuniting. Yep, we’re digging out our leopard print leggings and debating whether it really was a good idea to chuck out that bright blue eyeshadow right now.

The Sun reported that the Mel B had flown to London to secretly make plans with the other girls, and that the country’s top concert promoters were clamouring to sign them up for a tour. But there’ll be one Spice missing from the line up – Victoria Beckham, who has allegedly had a big fall out with Mel B.

The Sun’s source said ‘there’s no love lost between Mel and Victoria’, but added that, with the Spice Girls’ 20th anniversary looming, they were keen to get together and spice up our lives one more time, even without Victoria.

Despite Posh apparently not getting involved, she tweeted a picture last night of the cover of a Spice Girls photo album, which could have just been something she dug out while clearing out her cupboard, or it could be a great big clue that something spice-tastic is about to happen.

Mel C also fuelled the rumours by tweeting that she ‘woke up wondering if [she] should start practising backflips’ – because what Spice Girls show is complete without some on-stage gymnastics?

But Emma Bunton seemed to suggest otherwise. On her Heart breakfast show this morning, she said: ‘If anything happens and it’s concrete, and we decide on something, I will let you know, but nothing’s happening at the moment.’

Talk about crushing our dreams before they even started, girls! Maybe Emma’s just playing it down before someone faints from excitement, or maybe there really is nothing going on. We’re not going to lie, we’re still hoping the Spice Girls might make a comeback, not least because this person has a great idea for a fifth member…

Watch the Spice Girls together at the Olympic performance below.

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