Who's Kerry Katona gonna call? Ghostbusters

For poor Kerry Katona, it seems that Halloween has come early… for the past. ten. years. We hope you like scary stories, because this one is well creepy…

Kerry, 34, has fled her Oxfordshire mansion this weekend in order to relocate her family into their new home in Crowborough. It’s Kerry’s last ditch attempt to rid the ghosts she has felt have been following her, and causing her bad luck, for an entire decade.

And before you shout ‘WHO YA GUNNA CALL’ (we see you), Ghostbusters have already been and done their dirty work with no such luck. As recorded by The Sun, Kerry allowed the experts of all things spooky into her house to perform a five hour exorcism, in which voices ordering Kerry to ‘get out of my house’ announced that they have been following her.

Kerry has said she has always felt a presence- ‘since I was young I’ve always had flickering lights where I’ve lived’ and is certain there is a link between these ‘omens’ and her misfortunes.

She has even blamed the recent health scare her husband, George, suffered on the spirits- the right side of George’s face became paralysed causing the 34-year-old to be hospitalized for fear of stroke-. She said, ‘I know this sounds crazy but I’m convinced it was the ghosts that did this’, something George is ‘100% sure’ off too.

A friend of Kerry told The Star this morning that Kerry has ‘had a run of bad luck lately and she can’t shake the feeling it’s connected to her haunted house’ adding she ‘called exorcists last month hoping it would spell an end to the bad vibes. But then her and George had one of the biggest fights of their marriage’.

Kerry is now residing in a six-bedroom home in East Sussex, with the hopes of no more bumps in the night. The source added, ‘Kerry says she loves the house, she’s hoping she will fit in with the rest of the estate’.

Well, we don’t know about you but we’ll be sleeping with the light well and truly on tonight!


Alice Perry