CBB, welcome back

Celebrity Big Brother: if there’s one thing that’s as predictable as celebrities going into the house, it’s that there’ll be multiple elements of controversy before you even realise it.

And for this season’s run, it started before the launch show even closed out, as viewers have accused housemates of racism against former X Factor US star Stacy Francis – yikes.

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For a touch of initial drama, the All Star housemates were given the privilege of being producers of the show, by having the power to ‘edit’ one housemate, who seems like the least entertaining, out of the programme.

However, despite having links to fellow new housemate Ray J, and an introduction video tape that was relatively well-received by the live public, Stacy was chosen to be ‘edited out’, meaning that she’d miss out on some of the major moments of the house such as first night festivities, and receiving her personal belongings. (Harsh stuff, Big Bro!)

According to ‘producer’ housemates such as James Jordan, Jasmine Waltz and Coleen Nolan, the reasoning for giving Stacy, 47, the chop was not necessarily that she’s the least entertaining, but that she’d be more likely to provide even more entertainment by ‘kicking off’ at her exclusion.

As a result, Stacy was quickly sent out into the January cold of the garden, instructed to wear a beige tracksuit at all times, and left out of the meet and greet.

Edited out, and out in the cold (Channel 5)

Edited out, and out in the cold (Channel 5)

‘I’m not staying in the cold. That is not happening,’ she said to herself as she changed into her new outfit.

However, this rubbed some viewers up in completely the way, as plenty considered the decision to exclude the only black female contestant in the hope she’d get argumentative to be stereotypical and racist.

‘I can’t stand Stacy but she’s def not the most boring or least entertaining. The racism/sexism has officially started,’ reads the criticism of one CBB fan, while another wrote simply: ‘Stacy got picked because she was a black female. Know that.’

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Oh dear. We can’t wait to see what happens next – because whoever you are, no-one wants to be banished from all the action…

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