Steph clears up the rumours surrounding her tum

Stephanie Davis has cleared up the mystery of her ‘disappearing’ baby bump after THAT photo emerged earlier this week.

The mum-to-be caused confusion when she took a selfie on Snapchat in which her growing tum appeared much smaller than we’ve previously seen, leading fans to speculate about it on social media.


Pregnant Stephanie Davis’ baby bump ‘disappears’ in new photo

Some even wondered if Steph, 23, had actually given birth to her baby boy in secret during her ‘babymoon’ holiday to Spain but now she’s angrily hit back at the outlandish speculation.

‘I can’t cope with these ridiculous rumours you know!’ the expectant actress says.

‘As if I came on holiday to give birth! It makes no sense.’

[GIF] Stephanie Davis

Steph has also clarified the situation with the misleading picture by explaining that her bump is simply too low to be seen.

Stephanie Davis

‘To start, I’m nearly 6 months pregnant so my baby is sitting quite low,’ she writes in her OK! blog. ‘That photo didn’t even show my stomach and I even have a bigger bump that I should right now!

‘I have to just laugh at it as it’s quite funny. It is ridiculous thought, I just don’t get it.’

The former Hollyoaks star – who has named ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell as the father of her unborn son despite his denials – is clearly trying not to let the rumours get to her.

Instead she’s keen to take things easy and relax a little more for the remainder of her pregnancy.

‘This holiday has taught me to look after myself more,’ Steph explains.

‘I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself and I need to remember I’m nearly 6 months pregnant so I want to rest more when I get home. I need to take things easy now.’

And despite the mystery surrounding her bump, Steph says her tum is actually very big for the stage she’s at and she’s already been feeling her baby getting active.

‘I can’t believe he’s like a proper baby now – it’s hard to get my head around – I actually sobbed my heart out!’ the pregnant star admits.

‘He’s been really kicking too and it just feels amazing – I love him so much it actually hurts and I’ll do anything to protect him.’