Strictly Come Dancing star Carol Kirkwood has been subjected to a series of lewd comments online

She’s the all-smiling weather woman dancing to the nation every weekend on Strictly.

But 53-year-old Carol Kirkwood’s usual grin may fall faster than a Foxtrot gone wrong when she next logs into her Twitter account.

After telling The Sun how she’s often asked out by fans, revealing: ‘Sometimes you do get invited out by viewers but I don’t know these people that are writing emails to me saying “Let’s go for dinner” I’m very flattered that anybody would be bothered to do that but I don’t know who they are so I’m not tempted to follow them up.’

It turns out some rather raunchy followers are sending more than a dinner request her way.

Now has uncovered a series of sexual tweets tagging the Strictly star, which are more than enough to make you blush.

‘@BBCStrictly with @CarolKirkwood I think I will **** my **** off,’ one user posted. With another adding: ‘Had a quick **** while watching #CarolKirkwood present the weather forecast.’

Another fan wrote: ‘Carol Kirkwood got 10 for her ***’s on Strictly tonight,’ while judging the star on more than her footwork.

Away from the lewd remarks, Carol also opened up to the newspaper about her happy life as a singleton after divorcing husband, Jimmy, in 2013 after 25-years of marriage.

‘I’ve got so many friends that I go out with We all have fun together and I’m happy as it is. I was married for a long time and I got married quite young so it’s nice doing things I have the freedom to do now. Nobody has been setting me up on Strictly and I’m not doing any online dating or anything.’

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