Yes, Strictly's Giovanni can dance but we agree with Georgia... this boy CANNOT sing

If we had the chance to do one reality show, it’d be Strictly. Why? Because by the look of it, these stars have a right laugh!

Georgia May Foote is currently in rehearsals for quickstep with Giovanni – the pair are performing it to S Club 7’s ‘Reach’. And while they look like they are having fun, the Italian dancer is already getting on the 24-year-old’s wick.

The actress posted a video on her Instagram of her professional partner serenading her in a dance studio. To be honest, he sounds like an Italian strangled cat (Sorry, Giovanni), and to conclude the video Georgia says two simple words ‘so annoying!’

Ha ha – yes, we agree! But we’re glad to see it’s all in jest!


But that singing AND listening to ‘Reach’ on repeat?! We LOVE S Club, but surely that’s got to be pretty annoying too!

But as always, Georgia is still smiling through it all.

The pair came under fire last weekend with their Rumba. Head judge Len Goodman was NOT happy with Giovanni’s ‘head shaking’ and blasted, ‘Too much posturing, posing and larking about. Two openings and one forward basic does not constitute a Rumba in my world!’

We’re not sure what ‘two openings and one forward basic’ is, to be honest, but blimey, Len was mad!

Hopefully the duo raise a smile from the 71-year-old this weekend!

 Lydia Southern 

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    Dear advertisers, will you please shove your ever efficient products up your own backside? NO, I genuinely can’t remember what they are, as I was trying to read the article so I won’t ever buy them!