The Great British Bake Off host came out as gay herself shortly after splitting from the boyfriend


Sue Perkins was once in love with a man – who ended the relationship when he revealed that he was gay.


Sue Perkins’ baby heartbreak

The Great British Bake Off presenter, who is openly gay herself, dated a man who she refers to as ‘Rob’ for six years during her younger years and admits she was heartbroken when they split.

‘I really loved him. Absolutely,’ says Sue, 46. ‘Because we shepherded each other through that odd stage of life where you move from your mid-teens to your early twenties.’

‘He’s such a good, kind man.’

Sue describes the romance in her new autobiography Spectacles and admits that they took an HIV test following the end of their relationship during a holiday to Florida.

The irony of course is that Sue, who was unsure of her own sexuality at the time, came out as gay too shortly after the break-up.

She’s now dating fellow TV star Anna Richardson but is proud to talk about the love she had for Rob.

‘To be a gay woman doesn’t necessarily mean you couldn’t have truly loved a man or truly enjoyed sleeping with men,’ Sue tells The Telegraph.

‘Sometimes I think people are so absolutist and I wanted to pay proper respect to that relationship.’

Anna, 45, was also previously in a relationship with a man, having dated director Charles Martin for 18 years before she found love with Sue.

Sue’s former partner Rob is still a close friend to the star, The Sun reports, and now runs a Bed and Breakfast with his civil partner in France.

The revelations about their romance come after Sue previously alluded to dating a man in an interview in 2003.

At the time she called him ‘Richard‘ and spoke of how she would arrange to meet him secretly as her parents didn’t approve.

‘I’d say I was going out to get the papers and meet Richard. He was a big part of my life,’ she said.

We think Sue’s new book will make for a fascinating read.

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