The latest member of the Oliver family has arrived!

Jamie Oliver and wife Jools have proudly announced the birth of their fifth child – and it’s a boy!

The chef, 41, excitedly revealed the news on Instagram in the early hours of Monday morning and shared an adorable picture of the new arrival.


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He also hinted that the fact that the baby is a boy – after having three daughters and just the one son prior to this – came as quite a shock!

‘And then this just happened guys !! IT’S A BABY BOY !!’ Jamie captioned a photo of the tiny tot.

‘Everyone in the Oliver family is very surprised and beyond happy.’

It sounds like the birth was hugely emotional too, with Jamie and Jools’ daughters Poppy, 14, and Daisy, 13, being a part of the little one’s delivery.

Jamie explained: ‘He arrived safely, mum / @joolsoliver was really really amazing, unbelievably composed, natural birth and my two eldest Girls got to come in at the very end as the baby was born which was amazing to witness very very emotional.

‘8 lbs ( that’s 16 packs of butter for you bakers out there) anyway were all hitting the hay it’s been a long day big love… bless a little baby boy Woop Woop !!!!

‘And love to all you mums out there how amazing you are it blows my mind …. Big love jamie o p.s no baby names yet …….’

Awww. Meanwhile 41-year-old Jools posted a touching photo of herself cradling her new son and gushed about his entrance into the world.

‘Little baby boy Oliver has arrived we are so very happy, blessed, grateful and totally in love all over again and so very proud of our two eldest daughters who cut the cord,’ she revealed.

‘Jamie was my hero (no name yet)!!! XXXX’

Even though the couple haven’t decided on a moniker for the baby boy yet, it sounds like we can expect something a bit unusual.

The pair – who are already parents to Poppy, Daisy, 7-year-old Petal and 5-year-old Buddy – have veered towards nature-inspired names in the past and Jamie recently hinted that this one could follow that tradition.

‘I think you can guarantee something floral or from the natural world,’ he told OK! magazine last month. ‘We might go with seasons this time – it’s going to be a little bit hippy, whatever happens.

‘I’ll pretend to have a say in the name, but I really have no say.’

We can’t wait to hear the final choice! Congratulations, guys!

Anna Francis