Eeek! This was awkward...

Susanna Reid helps us bring in our weekday mornings alongside fellow presenter Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

And whilst it is usually entertaining, hilarious and informative viewing, on Thursday’s episode things got a tad awkward!


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Susanna was presenting alongside Ben Shepherd for Thursday’s installment, and the pair interviewed none other than music legend Dionne Warwick.

And whilst things were going relatively smoothly, the pair hit a MAJOR bump in the road at the mention of Dionne’s late cousin Whitney Houston.

Dionne appeared on ITV’s breakfast show to discuss her upcoming performance at a charity event for Dot Com children’s foundation.

But Dionne was less than happy after Susanna began saying, ‘Your family has experienced tragedy of course your cousin Whitney Houston-‘

Before Dionne cut her off and simply said, ‘we’re not going to discuss that!’.

She went on to add: ‘It’s a very personal thing, why would you want to hurt me?’ Eeeek!! Seriously awkward.

You have to watch the footage below – skip to 1 minute 40 in the video.

And it’s safe to say viewers also found the footage painful to watch, one viewer wrote: ‘WOW!! Dionne Warwick shut that convo down #GMB’

Another wrote: ‘The lovely Dionne Warwick ticking off @susannareid100 @GMB for trying to bring up the subject of Whitney. She warned them twice.’

Whilst a third added: ‘Massive awks for @susannareid100 on #GMB w/Dionne Warwick. If she’d seen any other interview with her, she’d know how quick she shuts down.’

And other viewers of the show actually praised Dionne for trying to focus on the charity that she was there to talk about.

One viewer tweeted: ‘Well done Dionne Warwick for having a go at the @GMB hosts this morning. She was there to talk about a charity event not her bereavement.’

A second said: ‘That’s how you shut down irrelevant, so called journalism. Dionne Warwick @GMB’.

Eeeek! But it seems like all was forgiven after the awkward encounter, with Ben apologising to the singer and Susanna being left slightly red faced.