Singer doesn't want another baby just yet


Suzanne Shaw admits she’s scared of having another baby.

The singer didn’t have an easy time during the birth of son Corey three years ago.

And she says it’s put her off getting pregnant again.

‘It will take another couple of years before I decide to have another child,’ she admits.

‘I had such a difficult first pregnancy, I’m afraid of becoming pregnant again.’

But Suzanne, who stars in West End musical Chicago, says she’s happy with the way things are for now.

‘I don’t ever want to give up my career – it keeps me the person I am,’ she says.

‘I couldn’t ever be a full time mum and I don’t want to be.

‘I want my son to see that there’s ambition in our family.’

Suzanne, 26, has been dating Jason ‘J’ King, 33, for 3 years.

She split with Corey’s dad Darren Day, 40, shortly after she gave birth.

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