Tara P-T was desperate to fix her nose in time for pal Will's wedding

She had major reconstructive surgery in 2006, but Tara Palmer-Tomkinson‘s coke-ravaged nose has continued to be an embarassment to the socialite.

Fortunately, the 39-year-old arrived at Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding on Friday with sister Santa looking regal in electric blue.

Fillers in Tara‘s nose – still distorted in recent snaps – gave it a straighter, more natural shape.

While she;s been clean from drugs for years, Tara admits her collapsed nose is the result of a £400-a-day coke habit.

In 2006, pictures first emerged of the problem when her septum caved in. At the time, Tara said: ‘I’m surprised it’s taken people so long to notice it.

‘I hate it so much and I wanted to hide it. I could have had a nose job to sort it out but I’m scared to death of surgery.’

The former babysitter of Princes William and Harry eventually overcame her fears and in July 2006 she had a £6,000 nose operation.

At the time, she told Now her new nose worked a treat but had ‘gone slightly wonky from sleeping on one side. That’s because it doesn’t set properly for a year.’

The It girl went on the hunt for a new surgeon after her doctor Martin Kelly, husband of actress Natascha McElhone, died suddenly in 2008 from a heart condition.

‘I’m so paranoid about my nose – I can’t wait to have it done but I need to find someone to do it,’ she explained earlier this year.

‘I want to get it right. I don’t want to be picked on. I read last week that someone said they wanted to vomit when they saw it.’

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