THE couple of the moment, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, have reportedly been offered £6 million for an underwear campaign.

Imagine being offered six-million-squids to pose in your pants. No really, SIX-MILLION BIG ONES.

This is the neat sum that has reportedly been offered to couple of the moment, Taylor Swift, 25, and Calvin Harris, 27, to be the (joint, and unbelievably attractive) face of Emporio Armani.

Calvin, already a seasoned undies poser as the current face of Armani (not that we’re complaining), has now allegedly been offered a £6 million deal to get his girlfriend doing the no-pants-dance too (pants as in the American sense NOT the British).

A source told The Daily Star ‘Armani bosses reckon Taylor and Calvin could emulate the success of the David and Victoria adverts. The Taylor offer is initially around the $10 (£6) million mark but that sum could then triple with global promotion if the campaign is successful’.

Yikes, at least the pair will be able to afford clothes to cover up after the shoot…Not that they’re really short of a spare bob- having a combined estimated wealth of  $146 (£93) million, which makes them the highest paid celebrity couple.

And it doesn’t seem like the pair are just advancing in the severity of their underwear choices, as the couple have been reportedly discussing having mini-Talvins; according to a source close to them both, ‘Taylor and Calvin’s latest thing to do is to discuss baby names, they have a couple of names in mind, Hunter for a boy, or Rose if it’s a girl’.

There you have it, £6 million knicker deals and a mini Hunter Harris- don’t you just love Talvin?!

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Alice Perry