We may all know and love Northern girl, Tess for her career in TV presenting but little did we know that she started out her career as an international model...

At just 18 years old, ‘headstrong’ Tess Daly left her traditional countryside home in the Peak District to start a modelling career that would take her across the world to Tokyo!


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In an interview with Hello! Tess said ‘I wasn’t ambitious […] I was just presented with an opportunity.’

By opportunity, Tess means that at 18, she moved across the world to do a job she’d only just started out in and we’re assuming she wasn’t fluent in Japanese either?!

Wow! We’re impressed AND maybe freaking out (just a little bit…) about the thought of doing that.

‘My parents weren’t awfully keen on the idea and now as a parent I can understand that. But at the time I was headstrong.’

Tess, now 46, reflected on how scary the experience was: ‘It was only once I was out there that I thought, ‘Yikes, this is actually a lot more intimidating than I’d considered.’

‘I couldn’t tell my parents I sometimes cried from loneliness.’

EEK! Tess also admitted that at the time of the big move ‘I’d never lived in a big city before, cooked my own meals or washed my own clothes.’

‘And I went to a place where I couldn’t speak the language or read the street signs. The food was unrecognisable to me.’

‘Of course now I’m very happy with a plate of sushi, but I’d never seen raw fish. I was from the Derbyshire Hills, where it’s meat and two veg twice a day’.

While the Strictly host admits to finding the move ‘intimidating’, the experience ‘certainly opened my eyes to the big wide world out there, but it was wonderful – I never looked back.’

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 Emily Thornhill