The Body Coach Joe Wicks on marriage plans, celeb legs and fart machines!

Famous for his quirky Instagram videos and super- speedy #Leanin15 meals, Joe Wicks ­ AKA The Body Coach ­ has taken the health and fitness world by storm, with over 2,000 people a week signing up to his 90 Day Shift, Shape & Sustain Plan. It’s easy to see why he’s so popular. His cheeky smile and curly locks are enough to make any girl weak at the knees ­ but sorry ladies, he’s been with Swedish girlfriend Caroline, 30, since he was 19.
Here Joe, 29, exclusively tells us that marriage and kids are definitely on the cards.

Hi Joe! Did you ever think your 90 day plan would be so successful?
It’s mad ­ 32,000 people have signed up in a year and that to me is unreal. I never imagined it’d be like this.
How did it all start?
I thought I was going to become a PE teacher but it wasn’t for me, so I did a six-week intensive personal training course and set up a boot camp in London called Rumble In The Park. From there I built up my business. I realised there were so many people struggling on bad diets, so I created
this online plan.
What’s a regular day for you?
I get up at 7am, mess around for half an hour, then go to the gym and do a HIIT [high-intensity interval training] session. Then I’ll do my Leanin15 breakfast and just be in the flat doing my emails and managing my social media.
You’ve got a few celebrity fans, too!
Yeah ­ Ellie Goulding, John Terry and Sheridan Smith follow me on Instagram and Twitter.
You’re always so cheery in your videos. What’s your secret?
I’m generally quite an optimistic person but I have a few shit days. I do a lot of my videos after I train, so I’m always buzzing.
Have you ever been overweight?
No, I’ve always been skinny by nature. For me, building muscle is hard ­ I can eat a lot of food and lift loads of weights but I don’t grow that easily.
What did you eat while growing up?
My mum was a terrible cook, so we basically grew up on ‘picnics’- ­ she’d make sandwiches and crisps. Or spaghetti Bolognese but just with the tomato sauce. We were like: ‘Where’s the mince?’


What were you like as a kid?
I was hyperactive and naughty. I’d get in trouble at school. I’d get kicked out of assembly with a fart machine! It’s funny because they’ve just asked me to go back and do a talk.
A fart machine?
That’s the sort of thing I did. Obviously we all laughed our arses off but it wasn’t vicious.
You’ve been with your girlfriend for nine years. How did you meet?
In Byron Bay in Australia. We were dancing on the tables in a bar, then she was like: ‘I’m coming home with you!’ She ended up living in London and we’ve been together ever since.
Is she into fitness, too?
Yeah. But I don’t think she’d be as active if she wasn’t with me.
What do you like to do on date nights?
We go to London for dinner, then the cinema ­ boring but so nice. My favourite place is [Japanese restaurant] Zuma.
Is there a special meal you love to cook her?
Thai chicken curry. She’s a pescatarian, so she has prawns and I have chicken. I love Thai food because we spent a lot of time in Asia.
Any wedding plans?
We’re going to get married soon but not right now. So don’t write that because she¹ll bloody think I’m going to ask her to marry me!

How about having kids?
I always thought I’d be a young dad and really cool. Now, as I get older, I’ve just got so much to do. I’m turning 30 in September, so I’m going to Vegas, Santiago and LA. I’ll probably be drinking more than eating [laughs].

We’re surprised you drink!
When I do, I drink to get drunk. Me and my mate have a thing called Bestie Thursdays where we go for dinner, get some cocktails and get boozy.

A lot of girls proposition you on social media. What does Caroline think?
People say stuff like: ‘Marry me!’ or: ‘Come and smash my back doors in’!
She just laughs. She knows I’m not like that.

Which celebs ­ male and female ­ have the best bods?
Remember Mark Wahlberg in the 1992 Calvin Klein advert? He had a decent body. And I tell you who looks really good: Kate Hudson. For her age, her legs look amazing. I don’t like skinny girls. Even the Victoria’s Secret models are too skinny!

The Body Coach’s bikini bod tips!
We all wish we could look like Michelle Keegan in a two-piece but for most of us it just isn’t reality. Luckily, help is at hand, thanks to Joe. His ‘no shit’ approach will have you trim and toned in just FOUR weeks!



BREAKFAST– ‘The best breakfasts are fats and protein, so scrambled eggs, coconut oil and avocado.’
LUNCH- ‘Peri-peri chicken with quinoa. You have to prepare your own lunches, otherwise you don’t know what you’re having. I stay lean because I’m doing shit like this ­ I’m not eating out every day.’

Say NO to: ‘Sandwiches, crisps and yogurt. If I were eating that all day long, every day, I wouldn’t be lean.’

DINNER – ‘A bagel or chicken stir-fry with rice. After you train, you can have your carbs and your protein. Carbs don’t make you fat, ­ eating too much makes you fat!’
SNACKS – ‘Nuts, avocados and olives. Even some ham or chicken breast ­ real food.’

Say NO to: ‘So-called protein or nutrition bars -­ it’s not real food. You want me to say: ‘It’s going to get you lean,’ but no. People often think it’s a really healthy snack but it’s full of shit.’

Joe’s ‘get lean’ workout tips!
At the gym: ‘Do 20-25 minutes a day of HIIT training on a treadmill, bike or crosstrainer. Do 30 seconds of full intensity, then have a 45-second rest. Repeat that for 15-20 minutes.’
At home: ‘Definitely HIIT training, like 20 minutes of mountain climbers, burpees, running on the spot, ­ anything that gets your heart racing. Most of my clients do home workouts.’



How to: say NO! to the office birthday cake.
Joe says: ‘Do you want to be a winner or a loser? Reach your goal, then you can relax a bit. Don’t whinge that you can’t get the body you want because you’re still smashing a bottle of wine every night and eating chocolate bars on the way home. Reach your goal, get lean, then you can
maintain it a lot easier.’



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