Stars work the bold make-up trend and kiss their painful days of waxing behind

Eyebrows are easily forgotten about but they’re essential for framing your face. Not only do they balance your features, they also help define your eyes.

As the focal point of the face, it’s important to keep them perfectly groomed in order to create a polished look.

We’ve rounded up a list of celebrity A-Listers who master the chic eyebrow trend.

While Breakfast At Tiffany’s star Audrey Hepburn may be noted for her iconic up-do, her brows also deserve some recognition. She kicks off the fuzzy style in 1961.

Reality star Kim Kardashian’s voluminous brunette locks match her dark celebrity eyebrows at the Randolph Duke fashion launch in LA.

Queen of bushy brows Cara Delevingne nabs the Model Of The Year gong, all thanks to her statement arches. Also a fan of the prominent style is actress Lily Collins, who pairs her dark set with bright-coloured lips.

Mila Kunis’ naturally strong eyebrows are perfectly positioned, as are Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s, whose straight pair sit elegantly on her face.

Other stars with dark celebrity eyebrows include Natalie Portman, who sports a jagged edge, and Keira Knightley, who masters a strong enviable look.

Katie Price pairs her immaculately coiffed arches with a smouldering smoky eye. And Jennifer Connelly ditches her tweezers, brushing the tips of her bulging brows to make them look tidier.

During a fun day out at Wimbledon, Kate Middleton’s neatly plucked hairs appear sophisticated and untouched.

Katy Perry’s dark celebrity eyebrows coordinate with the colour of her deep purple hair while Camilla Belle’s ooze sex appeal with their perfect point.

But not all stars are professionals in channelling dark celebrity eyebrows.

Lindsay Lohan goes overboard with her eye pencil, resulting in a rather thick noticeable brow.