With the premier league starting, get ready to witness the fitness with Now's The Premier League of Fitties

The Premier League is back and if this is a prospect that makes you want to curl into a ball and mourn the loss of your boyfriend/TV/mind then don’t worry, we’ve got you…

In the name of research here at Now we have took the liberty of compiling together a collection we like to call ‘The Premier League of Fitties’- isn’t life hard?

Get ready to witness the fitness…

Arsenal Premier Fitty- Olivier Giroud

Barclays Premier League 2014/15 Newcastle United v Arsenal St. James' Park, Barrack Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom - 21 Mar 2015Pictured above celebrating his fitness, Olivier is 22 and of French nationality (ooh la la indeed). He was recently voted the sexiest footballer of the league, to which he thanked his parents ‘for making me this way’- nice work parents.

Liverpool F.C Premier Fitty- Emre Can

Germany V Serbia Under 21 European Championship football match in Prague, Czech Republic  - 17 Jun 2015Pictured above pondering why nature made him so fit, the 21-year-old is the current midfielder of Liverpool. Of German nationality, the player has previously been referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the team.

Manchester United Premier Fitty- Victor Valdes

Barclays U21 Premier League 2014/15 Manchester United U21 v Chelsea U21 Leigh Sports Village, Leigh, United Kingdom - 9 Feb 2015Pictured above questioning how somebody can be so good looking, Victor is the 33-year-old goalkeeper for the team. He is also Spanish, ay caramba!

Watford F.C Premier Fitty- Lucas Niell

Screen shot 2015-08-07 at 14.12.02Pictured above holding a shirt made entirely of boyfriend material, the 37-year-old Aussie was until recently the Watford F.C defender, we felt he was far too hot not to include. He is now believed to have retired, though their has been no official statement.

Manchester City F.C Premier Fitty- Jesús Navas

Manchester City FC arrive back in UK after Tour of Australia -, Great Britain - 28 Jul 2015Pictured above carrying a bag of extra fitness for top up’s, Jesús Navas is the 29-year-old winger of Machester City. The sexy Spaniard is a sensitive soul and suffered with such bad homesickness at the start of his career he was unable to accept his place in the Spain squad because he didn’t want to move from his hometown.

Southhampton F.C Premier Fitty- Graziano Pelle

pellePictured above making a flower look ugly, Pelle is the Italian striker (and stunner) for Southhampton. He is also very familiar with his fitness and thinks he is better looking than Cristiano Ronaldo, ‘Cristiano is handsome, but I’m just a little bit taller’.

*fitness overload*