Cara Delevingne apparently confirmed new boyfriend rumours this weekend, by posting an intimate picture of actor Jack O'Connell

Well then. This is an interesting turn of events.

Cara Delevingne, who has previously mostly just dated women, is dating a guy. And not just any old guy; an actor called Jack O’Connell, who used to go out with former X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos.

What is the deal with stars dating each other’s exes? Are there only five single celeb men to go round at any one time?

Cara and Jack met on the set of a film earlier this year. It’s called Tulip Fever and much like the flower, love clearly bloomed (PUN ALERT).

They’ve been spotted together a few times, but it wasn’t until this weekend that Cara, 22, seemingly confirmed they’re together – in what we can’t decide is the most or least romantic way possible.

The model took to Instagram to post an extremely TMI photo of what looks like the 24-year-old Skins‘ actor.

More specifically: of his neck.

Even more specifically: of two love bites on his neck. We’re 14 all over again.

The model added the caption, ‘Love bites ❤ #fittybum’.

We know that’s not a definitive confirmation, but we’re pretty sure friends don’t refer to each other as ‘fitty bum’. Actually, no-one should refer to anyone as fitty bum.

We’re also aware that you can’t see Jack‘s face in the picture, but internet detectives have been hard at work confirming it’s him thanks to some in-depth analysis of his moles.

The new couple have reportedly been dating for about a month and one story recently claimed things were good between them. An insider told The Sun, ‘Jack and Cara get on really well. So far their relationship is very casual, but she’s a big fan of him. They’ve been on a few dates but it’s not yet serious.’

It’s at least hickey-level serious.

Last we saw of Jack, he was dating singer Tulisa, which ended after three months back in June 2012. Cara‘s last relationship was with actress Michelle Rodriguez, who she broke up with in May.

With Cara trying to break into acting, and Jack about to star in Angelina Jolie‘s latest production, these two look set to become the next big young Hollywood couple.

If they can keep their gross PDAs to themselves.

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