Doctors kept her in for tests to find out why she'd been collapsing


Jade Goody was rushed to hospital in Harlow, Essex, on 4 August when she called an ambulance after collapsing.

For four days, specialists were struggling to identify what had caused the reality TV star’s bizarre health scare. So what exactly is gong on?

‘She keeps feeling faint, collapsing and then she starts bleeding,’ reveals a source. ‘It’s very worrying.’

Jade’s spoken about her health worries in the past, revealing that she’s suffered stomach pains since childhood and has had blood loss when she goes to the toilet.

She was also rushed to hospital in November 2006 after collapsing. Earlier that year, she revealed she’d had an abnormal result from a cervical smear and in March 2004 she was treated for an ovarian cyst.

The mum-of-two, 27, who admits to taking extreme measures in the past to deal with weight problems, blames excessive use of slimming pills and laxatives for her health worries.

‘I abused myself on slimming pills and ended up with low blood-clotting cells and became prone to miscarriages,’ she explains. ‘When I abused myself on laxatives, my bowel stopped working on its own.’

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