The X Factor's most controversial contestant, Mason Noise, spills all about his shock return to the show...

After his shock return to the X Factor was announced, Mason Noise has opened up exclusively to Now about his six chair challenge meltdown.

In the most dramatic scenes of the series so far, last week we watched 21-year-old Mason drop his microphone to the floor and storm off the stage following a showdown with Simon Cowell, where he branded the wannabe a ‘complete a***hole’.


But it seems their argument could have been hyped up for entertainment purposes, as Mason assures us him and Simon have been secretly speaking since.

‘I have no control over what the universe wants to do with me and I don’t regret being passionate about something I love. The whole thing was just two people who care about their crafts being stubborn, it’s always good to say how you feel. Me and Simon have had a private conversation since and it’s all clear and all love.

‘We understand each other and Simon has a lot of love for me and I have a lot of love for him. He has my back.’

Mason also opened up about the backlash he received after the controversial six-chair challenge clip was aired.

‘It’s been a very 50/50 response,’ he recalls. ‘The best tweet I’ve read is someone saying I’m just a thug that belongs in prison. I do come from a very rough, gang-affiliated, neighborhood in Birmingham but music put me on another path. I escaped that route in life but I’ve definitely been surrounded with those kinds of people. I don’t know what could of happened if I wasn’t busy making my own music.’

Where as his unexpected back-story of escaping gang culture came as a bit of a shock, the sweet comments he shared next continued to surprise us.

When asked how he felt to be replacing Tom Bleasby, who dropped out of the competition due to the ‘pressures’, Mason commented: ‘I thought it was a prank when Nick Grimshaw called me, I was thinking “nah this isn’t real”. I was more concerned about Tom. When something like that does happen, you do worry because you’re all friends. I hope he’s okay.’

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