...if they are both single at 40, that is. Ooo, how we'd love an X Factor wedding

Wedding season is almost over but one ‘couple’ who have got us excited about the possibility of their upcoming nuptials is X Factor hosts Caroline Flack and Olly Murs.

The pair have confessed that if they are single at 40, they will get married. Yes, really!

Interviewing each other for The Sun Caroline, 35, asks Olly, 31: ‘If we’re both single at 40, will you marry me?’

Olly replied: ‘We won’t be – but if it happens, then yeah.’

Ooo, this makes us smile.



Us, Simon Cowell and the world have been hoping that these two will get together one day – their onscreen chemistry is on fire, after all – so we’re glad to know that they haven’t ruled it out.

And we’re also happy to report there won’t be any of those awkward first-time-I’ve-seen-you-naked moments either, as these two are pretty open with each other.

Olly admitted during the interview that Caroline would often be in her dressing room with ‘one boob hanging out’ while they were filming the Xtra Factor. Caz, on the other hand, often sees Olly in just his pants – but admits she’s never seen him ‘completely’ in the buff.

But there is one part of his body that Caroline is impressed by. ‘I love your smile. You’ve got a nice bum as well – tight buttocks’, she told her co-host.

Olly, on the other hand things Caroline’s best feature are her pins. ‘You’ve got good legs, Caroline,’ he says.

Aww, you guys. We’re already cutting out your faces and putting them into a heart-shaped frame on our mantle piece. Just to the left of a candle which represents your burning love for one another.  Too much? Sorry, we can’t help it.

So, nine years and counting. Don’t forget to send us a Save The Date!

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Lydia Southern