Jodie Marsh has revealed her wedding dress, and it is not what you thought! See the pictures here...


If we didn’t see the wedding coming, then it’s fair to say we were pretty much knocked sideways by the revelation of Jodie Marsh‘s wedding dress-but-at-the-same-time-not-really-a-dress.

And although *those* puppies were kept under wraps for the ‘I-Do’s’ this time (for those of you scratching your head, Jodie‘s first marriage to Matt Peacock saw the glamour model donning an outfit consisting entirely of two white belts and a tutu. We’ll let your imagination work that one out…), her unconventional choice of outfit was still a bit of a surprise- a much nicer, child-and-vicar-friendly surprise, may we add.

36-year-old Jodie ditched the belted-boobs and opted instead for a white halter-neck jumpsuit to marry to the ‘love of her life’, James Placido.

Jodie Marsh poses in her wedding jumpsuit

Instagramming a snap of her outfit, Jodie captioned the picture, ‘My wedding outfit’ and thanked ‘@1pinkstrawberry for arranging this to be made for me. Amy you are amazing and we can’t thank you and your dad enough for all your help and also keeping this a secret!!! We love you’.

The back of Jodie Marsh's wedding jumpsuit

And her relaxed choice of outfit certainly racked up a fair few admirers, with comments reading ‘Perfection. Head to toe’, ‘Absolutely beautiful and congratulations to you and your Mr’, ‘Look stunning x’- and we definitely agree, people of Instagram.

She also posted a snap of herself and Mr Jodie Marsh having a good old we-just-got-married hug. Captioned ‘The love of my life #married’, we’re guessing the theme of the wedding was ‘all white and plenty of toes’….Marshy… you forgot your shoes!

Jodie Marsh and husband James Placido

The post is filled with well-wishes for the couple, ‘Congratulations lovely @jodiemarshtv you deserve so much love & happiness xx‘, ‘Congratulations to you both, all the best in the future’, ‘You look so happy & you deserve it. What a beaut couple’.

So with that being said, a massive congratulations to Jodie and James– may they enjoy many years of shoeless happiness!

Alice Perry