THIS is the reason Kimberley Walsh hasn't set a date for her wedding to Justin Scott and it's super adorable!

Kimberley Walsh is just lovely isn’t she! In fact, she’s so lovely that we just can’t wait to see her rocking a big ol’ white dress for her wedding to partner of 10 years Justin Scott. And when we say can’t wait, we mean we REALLY can’t wait. So why the hold up Walsh?!

Well, Kimberley has justified the reason behind her reluctance to set a date, and it’s one that will make you prepared to wait just a teeny tiny bit longer- her adorable son Bobby!

Speaking on Lorraine this morning the 33-year-old ex-Girls Alouder explained ‘I want to get his first birthday out of the way first – which is September 4th. After that, I think we will look at setting a date’. See, isn’t she just so lovely!

The couple got engaged eleven months ago moments after son Bobby was born- speaking to Hello! magazine the future Mrs Scott said ‘I’d just handed Bobby to Justin, so he had our gorgeous newborn son in one arm and I remember Bobby had his eyes open….Justin slipped his other hand into his pocket and suddenly the pair of them were sinking down towards the floor. I said, ‘What are you doing?’ Then Justin pulled out this gorgeous ring’. Child birth goals right there people.

And if you’re not completely lovelied out by all the Kimberley Walsh loveliness, she then went on to explain that it is very important to her as a mother to be ‘selfless’ and put ‘Bobby first and do what’s best for him’.

The wedding itself, roughly scheduled to be next year, is going to be ‘close family and friends, not a cast of hundreds, so it’ll be private and quite intimate’. The just-turned-one tot will also have a a major role in the day, ‘Bobby will be a page boy, but I’m not sure how much he will contribute on the day. It will depend on his mood’.

We’ll let you off just this once Kimberley!

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