Jen and her man are just fine

Poor old Jennifer Aniston, 45, and Justin Theroux, 42, only need to be apart for a couple of days for the world to wrongly assume they hate each other and envisage Jen dying alone while clutching an Angelina Jolie voodoo doll.

So can we now kiss goodbye to all the nonsense?

The silly rumours

She didn’t spend her birthday with him

Actually, Justin invited Jen to spend her birthday with him in NYC – but because of the sub-zero February temperatures, she opted to spend it on the beach with her buddies in LA.

Don’t blame her!

Jen can’t marry Justin because she wants to remarry Brad

So Brad Pitt, 50, publicly humiliated Jen when he left her nearly a decade ago for ‘maneater’ Angelina Jolie, but Jen‘s still desperate for his beardy ass? Really?

Her Angelina obsession’

A US mag says Jen refused to work on the film Squirrels To The Nuts as it featured someone called Angie.

Apparently it made her cringe and they changed the name to Izzy. Oh OK, sure… *Yawn*

Refusal to set a wedding date

As much as we like to think she’s just like us’, Jen is a Hollywood powerhouse with no time to spare.

Organising a wedding is a big deal and besides, she’s said she feels married to Justin already.

Read the full story about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in this week’s Now magazine dated 5 May 2013 – download the digital edition now!


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