We can't believe how young these TOWIE stars look...

TOWIE has totally dominated our lives, yet again, so we were far too excited when we saw this old-school photo of Lewis Bloor and Sam Faiers.
The photo was shared by a Twitter user which Lewis then retweeted.


TOWIE’s Lewis Bloor shares HOT picture ahead of the new series – and check out that new hair do!
Lewis and Sam go way back, and when Lewis, 25, joined the reality show in 2013 it emerged that the pair had previously dated.
In the VERY cute pic, the two TV stars are on holiday clutching glasses of champagne. The most shocking part though is how young they look!
When the Twitter user shared the photo with the caption, ‘Wow,what a throwbackyou both look really young #throwback @lewis_bloor @SamanthaFaiers,’ Lewis retweeted the post and wrote:
Nearly ten years ago.’

How time flys eh!
Sam, who is showing off her hot bod in a pink and black bikini looks fab and flawless whilst Lewis looks like a cheeky lil’ teen!
Recalling his relationship with Sam, Lewis has revealed that Sam, ‘taught me a lot about myself and also about appreciating people for the lessons they teach you in life.’
He added: ‘Girls are brought up in their life knowing they’ll have to kiss a few frogs to find their prince, boys aren’t brought up like that. We think we’re Kings and we want to find our Queen and Sam was the first girl I ever fell in love with.’
Whilst Sam has since left TOWIE, Lewis is one of our fave characters on the show.
In fact, on Wednesday night’s show, Lewis’ ex girlfriend Nicole Bass made her debut appearance and Lewis was quick to warn new Essex hotty, Michael Hassini, to steer clear, calling him a ‘f***ing greasy p***k’.
Speaking on the phone to co-star Tommy Mallet, Lewis said: ‘Nicole’s mine mate. I ain’t letting anyone else go near her.’
We can’t WAIT for Sunday’s episode of TOWIE!