Disillusioned Lily needs a break from music


A shattered Lily Allen sparked a media frenzy last week when she announced that she was quitting music for good.

The 24-year-old blamed music piracy for her decision as she Tweeted: The days of me making money from recording music have been and gone as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t (at this point) stand to profit from legislation.’

But those close to Lily are taking what she says with a pinch of salt – especially as she took the comments off her Twitter page only hours later.

What they’re all saying is: She needs a break.’

Our source reveals: Lily’s miserable – a far cry from a few weeks ago when she was the life and soul of the GQ Men Of The Year Awards.

She came back from touring South America and told everyone she’s sick of being famous. She took great umbrage at papparazi trying to snap her at the airport.

Things aren’t going great with Sam [Cooper, her builder boyfriend] – partly because she hasn’t seen him much lately, but mostly because she’s so low.’

Lily’s been telling her inner circle she wants to move into acting – although her brother Alfie, who starred in West End play Equus, has mocked her plans.

In private, she’s been going on about acting for well over a year,’ says the source. It’s a big ambition.’


Chris White New Editor

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