Actress says she hasn't cut her out of her life

Tori Spelling insists there is no rift between her and her mum Candy Spelling.

But the actress, who has two kids with husband Dean McDermott, 42, says they’ve never really bonded.

‘It’s not like we’re not talking, we just haven’t talked,’ she explains. ‘I love my mother. I’ve always loved her [and] no doubt she loves me.

‘There’s no feud. We simply never meshed. My mother is who she is. I’ve become who I am.

‘At some point I realised those two just didn’t go together.’

Tori, 35, insists she’s never stopped Candy seeing her grandchildren Stella, 9 months, and Liam, 2.

‘I, in no way, cut her off,’ she tells People. ‘She is welcome to make the effort if she wants to be present in their lives.’


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