You'll never guess which MiC star Chloe Sims has snogged...

Here at CelebsNow, *nothing* excites us quite like an inter-reality TV romance. Made in Geordie? The Only Way Is Chelsea? TOWIE Shore? We’re so into it.

However, the one thing that really gets us going is the prospect of a *secret* inter-reality romance. Sneaky and sexy, our two favourite things….

And so, we have found ourselves v. excited over the latest possible coupling- as revealed by lovely TOWIE lady Chloe Sims.

I see you… 💕💕

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Writing in her column for Star magazine, Chloe has revealed that she has been romantically involved with none other than MiC’s resident lothario Spencer Matthews!

Yup, we did not see this one coming.

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Speaking of Spencer’s new-found Stateside recognition (on account of his brothers marriage to Pippa Middleton), the 34-year-old writes: ‘America has been introduced to Spencer Matthews, thanks to his brother’s wedding. I must admit when I met him at a PA, we had a cheeky kiss’.

Crickey you two! Kept that quiet…

These smiley potatoes make me extremely happy…

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Chloe then adds: ‘He was there with Hugo Taylor and we had a laugh, but nothing ever came of it and I haven’t seen him since. Oh well’.

Considering that Spenny is currently loved up with his girlfriend Vogue Williams, it was probably for the best Chlo…

Yup, Spencer appears to have put his playboy ways behind him with his model beau Vogue. In fact, the 27-year-old recently took to Instagram to share an adorbs snap of the pair- sharing that he is missing his other half,

Spenny writes: ‘Can’t wait to see this one… Africa is enlightening as always but now I have a real reason to miss home… @voguewilliams❤️x ‘.  

You guyssssss. Just make sure we get a wedding invite, kay?!

Alice Perry