Ex TOWIE star Amy Childs should be having the best week of her life but instead her relationship is close to breaking point after a sordid sex-text scandal


At the precise moment we’d like to give Amy Childs a big hug!

Despite her first book 100% Me hitting the shelves this week and being named the richest star to come out of TOWIE, the beauty salon owner hasn’t had the best week of her life.

Just days ago she threw her builder boyfriend, Brad, out of the house they shared together after it emerged he’d been sexting another woman – ‘I’m punishing him,’ Amy said.

And now the 25-year-old star, has revealed that despite the fact she is still with Brad, 25,  – who she’s been dating for a year – his actions have completely devastated her to point where she’s hardly eating, having sleepless nights, had spent days in tears and can’t bear to even look at him.


 ‘At first I was angry, but now I am emotionally drained. I haven’t been eating and my belly has been aching from all the anxiety,’ she said. ‘The other night I woke up at half one and couldn’t get back to sleep until half five.

‘I just feel so stressed. I’ve been crying for the past four days but I need to keep focused. I’ve got a business to run,’ she continued in an interview with New!

But despite Amy’s determination to stay strong, she says his desperate attempts to make it up to her are proving hard to accept.

‘He want to take me for dinner, go away..But when he comes around I don’t even want to look at him or be near him, the way I feel at the moment. I won’t let him hug or kiss me.’

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