She's never been shy about voicing her opinion on TOWIE and now Ferne McCann's urging women to love their bodies whatever their size. And we love her for it...

TOWIE star Ferne McCann admits she’s gone up a dress size since the series ended last month,  but rather than beating herself up the 25-year-old is embracing her new curves. Ferne tells Now: ‘I was a small size 10 ­ really slim but toned. I reckon I’m a good size 12 now and I’ve never been a size 12 in my life.

‘I tore two ligaments in my left ankle playing netball seven weeks ago. The first two weeks I was on crutches and I’ve been in a leg brace. I’ve tried to exercise, but I’ve probably only gone to the gym about three times. I’m normally so active and into my netball and running, so it’s really set me back.’

However, a defiant Ferne’s refusing to let critics get her down and she showed off her newfound curves while holidaying in Santorini. She shunned health juices for beer and says she doesn’t care what others think of her body as it was ‘the best holiday ever’.

She reveals: ‘I’m feeling really good at the moment. In a weird way I’m grateful this happened because it’s slowed me down and given me time to stop and think.’

It was only in February that she exclusively told Now about her ‘two hours of exercise a day’ addiction, which caused her to collapse and have a fit at an Essex gym a month earlier. Her ‘terrifying’ ordeal was a real wake-up call and she admitted to ‘doing far too much’ after enduring seven training sessions in the six days before her collapse. She even confessed to not having eaten enough.

‘To faint and have a fit puts everything into perspective. From now on I’m going to be healthier. I’ve learnt to take a break,’ she admits. ‘It’s not about how I look in the mirror or if clothes don’t fit, but how I feel.

‘I went to Santorini not trying to impress anyone. I felt comfortable and confident in my skin. It doesn’t matter what size you are ­ beauty’s in the eye of the beholder and you should embrace what you’ve got. I’m proud of my body. I feel I’m a true representation of a normal woman. Women come in all different shapes and sizes and just because you are what you are doesn’t mean you can’t put on a bikini.’

Yes, Ferne! We salute you!

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