TOWIE's Michael Hassini speaks about rival Lewis Bloor

We’re absolutely loving TOWIE right now, especially the drama between Lewis Bloor and newbie Michael Hassini.

It’s pretty obvious that the Essex fellas don’t get on after Michael previously hooked-up with one of Lewis’ ex-girlfriends, and then lied about it. Oh, and just to add further fuel to the fire, Michael was (or, is…) also hot on the tail of Nicole Bass, another of Lewis’ exes.

TOWIE newbie Michael Hassini reveals his au-naturel hair and it’s not what you thought!


Eeesh! So what does Michael think to this? When Now caught up with the 21-year-old he revealed: ‘Me and Lewis are never going to get on, we never have got on. I’d never consider him my mate and I don’t think he would consider me to be his mate either.’

So, if things ever came to blows, who would win in a fight? Michael or Lewis?

‘Me,’ said Michael, quickly adding: ‘But I wouldn’t fight, I’m not that sort of person but obviously I’m confident in that aspect.’

Michael also admitted: ‘He’s (Lewis) got his own opinion on everything and so have I but we just agreed to disagree and that’s it really.’

Last week, the two TOWIE stars came face-to-face on a night out and whilst we wouldn’t want things to escalate, their discussion DID get a little heated.

In fact, Lewis, 25, actually referred to Michael’s receding hairline, saying: ‘Standing here you look like McDonald’s arches. I don’t know whether to have a row or order a Big Mac.’


It seems as though Lewis’ dreams of winning back ex girlfriend Nicole might be turning into a reality -in Wednesday night’s show, the Essex lad surprises Ms Bass with a date. In fact, Lewis keeps it such a surprise that he even makes Nicole wear an eye mask as he leads her into a erm…sports hall.

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