Outrageous Cami Li didn't hold back in her Celebrity Big Brother exit interview with Emma Willis

Perez Hilton may have caused some major

irritation in the Celebrity Big Brother house with his attention-seeking and

difficult behaviour.

However, after her surprise exit from the

show on Monday night, Kirk Norcross‘s ex-girlfriend Cami Li shocked Emma Willis and

Channel 5 viewers when she said she wanted to ‘slit’ Perez‘s throat because she found him so annoying. 

Emma, reeling at the comment, quickly tried

to change the subject, but fans of the show were fast to pick up on her words.

One wrote on Twitter: Cami Li is complete trash. Every word that comes out of

her mouth is a swear word. Threatened to slit Perez‘s throat.’

Another added: ‘Cami-Li

and her attitude and her mentioning of throat slitting can sod off #CBB


Cami also continued

to swear throughout the interview with Emma, who was forced to apologise at the

end of the chat for the amount of curse words used.

Discussing Perez, the

28-year-old tattoo model admitted she was unsure whether she would love or hate him

when she entered the house, but quickly made up her mind.

She said: ‘I did say in one of my interviews, I’m

either going to love him or I’m going to hate him. And obviously, I f**king

hated him.

‘It’s all an act, don’t believe him. When he told me and Chloe

[Goodman] that we should degrade ourselves with a lesbian relationship, f**k

him for that.’


Celebrity Big Brother finale will take place on Friday, but two housemates are set to

be evicted before that in a shock double elimination on Wednesday night.

We can’t wait to see

who wins this one!

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Stephen Leng