Chat show host delights in new relationship

Most women would be delighted to go out with a hunky younger man.

But talk show host Vanessa Feltz, 44, wishes her boyfriend, former Phats & Small singer Ben Ofoedu, 33, – who she started dating last Christmas – was nearer her own age.

‘I feel like pinching myself every time I see Ben,’ she tells the Daily Mail. ‘But you know, I wish he wasn’t younger – that wasn’t the attraction at all. He maybe incredibly good looking and a marvel to behold, but that wasn’t the point.

‘I have never been turned on by so-called toy boys – actually I prefer older men as a rule – and I don’t want to denigrate him by saying he’s some kind of plaything. He’s absolutely grown up, with opinions of his own.’

Calm down, Vanessa. There’s no law against dating whipper-snappers.

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