Vern took his wife for a fish supper to impress her - and made her pay


All Star Family Fortunes host Vernon Kay admits he fell in love with wife Tess Daly because she was her own woman.

‘She just had an attitude like no one else I’d ever met before,’ he tells Now in an exclusive interview. ‘She was really independent, which I think is a very sexy trait.

‘If a woman’s independent and in control of her own destiny, I really like that.

‘The spark between us was instant.’

Vernon took Strictly Come Dancing hostess Tess for dinner on their first date but she ended up settling the bill.

‘We went to Zilli Fish in London,’ Vern, 35, recalls. ‘I was on the breadline then and the restaurant didn’t take my Solo card, so Tess had to pay!’

So did the Strictly Come Dancing hostess tame him?

‘I wouldn’t say she’s tamed me,’ he insists, ‘but she’s definitely pointed me towards another direction. I’m a lot more responsible now…’

Alison Tay

See the full interview with Vernon Kay in Now magazine dated 5 October 2009 – out now!

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