Apparently, it gets worse when she drinks...

Everyone has their little ticks and habits that make them unique – be it a lisp, a memorable laugh or even just a particular way they roll their eyes, we all have oddities that make us different.

For Vicky Pattison, it’s the way her jaw moves. Over the years, fans have noticed that it has a tendency to move of its own accord – to the extent that during her time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle last year, some pranksters created their very own Twitter account for it!

And after a recent appearance on The Xtra Factor, talk of her facial tick rose again, and now she’s been moved to address it in a new chat.

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Speaking about her appearance on the X Factor’s sister show, the former Geordie Shore star defended herself against the naysayers, by explaining that it’s a natural movement that she’s always had.

‘My jaw movement is something that I’ve always done. I did it in the jungle and I got stick for it,’ she explained to OK! magazine.

Vicky Pattison's jaw has a mind of its own!

Vicky Pattison’s jaw has a mind of its own!

Vicky went on to add: ‘It gets worse when I drink and I didn’t drink once in the jungle, yet people were still questioning it.’

Right she is – we certainly didn’t see anyone having a cheeky cocktail to wash down their witchetty grubs…

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When speaking to Now previously about her jaw, Vicky brushed off comments of those attributing the movement to her using drugs in the jungle.

‘In what world would I have been able to take drugs into the jungle. It’s completely mad! I grind my teeth and have done since I was a kid,’ she said.

‘It’s something I’ve always done when I’m stressed. It must have looked odd, but for me it’s normal.’