He's not happy

Vicky Pattison‘s ex-boyfriend Jordan Wright has claimed that she moved on to her new boyfriend John Noble just a DAY after ending the relationship – and says they were in a serious relationship.

This comes after the I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp denied the fact they were together. Yet Jordan claims that he has a key to her Essex flat and they event said they love each other.

When Jordan was spotted earlier on a date with a girl who wasn’t Vicky, her reps played down their relationship, saying they ‘weren’t serious’.

Well, the fitness fanatic doesn’t quite think the same way. He told The Sun Online: ‘The day after we split up was the day she went on X Factor. We split on the Friday and the Saturday she went on the show and necked off with the guy she’s in Australia with.

‘Less than 24 hours after we split she had her tongue down another geezer’s neck!’

Jordan Wright and Vicky Pattison met in Ibiza [Instagram]

Jordan Wright and Vicky Pattison met in Ibiza [Instagram]


He added: ‘After that I thought I’ve dodged a bullet. Look at her now, the way she’s with him.

‘I was obviously p*ssed off. The thing that f**ked me off the most about the whole situation is the way she brushed us under the rug – like we weren’t even a thing. Like she said we weren’t serious.’

Vicky has since hit back at the claims, posting on Instagram: ‘Always be careful of what you hear about a woman. Rumours either come from a man that can’t have her or a woman who can’t compete with her.’

She captioned it: ‘Reading a lot of ridiculous, incorrect and hurtful things about me in the press recently… Some have come from people I expected it from, others have disappointed me, some have shocked me… But one thing is constant throughout…

‘I feel sorry for the people who feel like putting me down would make them feel better, or that selling a story would make them validated. Hatred and anger are curved blades that turn inward and only hurt those harbouring it.

‘Sooooooo, move on, lighten up and chill out! Oh and always try not to be a helmet. Namaste.’

You tell them Vick!

But it seems like Vicky Pattison has been taking her new relationship to John very seriously.

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She’s been posting tonnes of loved up pictures with her new man on Instagram, as he joined her in Australia for her birthday, and captioned one of her more recently image with this mushy quote

‘Your gorgeous chaos was a danger to my beautiful, ordinary life – and I knew that. Then suddenly, we became beautifully extraordinary together.’

(for reference, she borrowed those words from Instagram writer R.M. Drake)

Love certainly is complicated, isn’t it, guys?