We’ve read the tabloid stories, but what is actually going on with Victoria and David Beckham's marriage?

After 16 years together, stories are circulating that David and Victoria Beckham are having marriage troubles. But surely it couldn’t be over for Brand Beckham?

1 How often do they spend time together?

There’s no denying the dynamic in their relationship has changed since David retired from professional football in 2013. He’s expanded his commercial contracts to include cars, whisky and fashion brands Belstaff and H&M, which means he often has to travel around the world as brand ambassador.

As Victoria’s fashion empire goes from strength to strength, she plans to launch a shoe brand and a high-street range, as well as opening shops in Hong Kong, Dubai, Miami, LA and New York.

An insider explains: ‘Victoria runs their diaries. She’s juggling two demanding careers that span the world, as well as four kids. It’s a logistical nightmare to organise time to get together and it may not be as much as they’d both like, but they make the best of it.’


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2 What about those lads’ nights out?

When David jetted off last week on a business trip to New York, he was also meeting up with his close circle of male pals to celebrate best mate Dave Gardner’s 39th birthday. David and Victoria have rowed about the boys’ nights out as she knows from experience when the lads are pictured with random girls it causes speculation about their relationship.

3 Have there been rows?

Insiders say tensions are at an all-time high and reckon they’d clearly argued, judging by their stony expressions as they left Victoria’s party last week.

‘Victoria’s tired and stressed from work, whereas David has a more relaxed lifestyle now that he’s retired,’ a source said. ‘They’ve had monumental four-letter-word rows as the tension between them snaps and they explode at each other.’

But another well-placed insider insists the rows have been blown out of proportion.

‘Of course they bicker,’ says the source. ‘They both have fiery tempers, so they will have the occasional argument. But they always make up after.’

Victoria uncharacteristically addressed the rumours in a recent interview, saying: ‘David and I have nothing to prove. We love each other, look out for each other and are strong as both partners and parents.’ And David has David has taken to Instagram to gush about his wife, saying: ‘Long trip London , Nyc , Miami, Nyc , London , Dubai , London… Can’t wait to get home to see my beautiful wife and unbelievable children….’

So will they split? It seems unlikely. They have one of the strongest relationships in showbiz and it looks like Brand Beckham is set to go on for some time yet.