It all proved too much for American TV host John Brown

We can barely go a day without a Kardashian popping up on one of our social media feeds.

And it seems like their prominent presence in everyday life is a bit too much for one person in particular.

An American TV host stormed off set as he was fed up of reporting about the famous reality TV family.

See John Brown walk off set here:

John Brown left his co-host flabbergasted as he ranted about the Kardashians, shouting: ‘Nobody cares about this family anymore,’ before walking off set in a rage.

The Fox’s Good Day Orlando show TV host was meant to report a story about Kylie Jenner naming her new bunny Bruce, but having to speak about the family proved too much for him, ‘I’m having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians,’ he raged.

‘You are on your own, Amy. I can’t do it, I’ve had enough Kardashians. I can’t take any more Kardashian stories on this show,’ he added as he left the morning tv show’s sofa.

His co-host Amy Kaufeldt can be heard saying: ‘He left me,’ in the footage was aired on Fox’s Good Day Orlando show on Friday before a replacement presenter is whisked in.

John, however, can still be heard raging in the background. ‘I don’t care about this family. I’m sick of this family. It’s a non-story.’

He continued his rant on Twitter, telling fans, ‘I feel so much better getting that off my chest. I am sick of talking about their every move.’

When a fan said the public should vote for him to be president because he ‘speaks the mind of the people,’ John replied, ‘That’s funny! I have far too many skeletons in my closet to ever run for office!’

However, he later calmed down and apologised to viewers, tweeting: ‘Sorry, I snapped! I am a No Kardashian zone! :).’ He also posted a link to the video saying, ‘Sorry, I think I hit my tipping point today!’

We’d say the rant is almost as entertaining as an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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