It seems as though the language barrier was a bridge too far during Justin Bieber's recent interview on Spanish radio

We all know what it’s like to be in a foreign country and feel totally lost as you struggle to understand a single word being uttered around you.

So spare a thought for poor Justin Bieber, who ended up walking out of a Spanish radio interview as the language barrier made things get increasingly awkward.

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Justin was being interviewed on Spanish station Los 40 Principales, and the awkwardness was apparent from the off as the hosts – speaking via an (admittedly not great) interpreter – struggled to communicate with the Biebs.

To his credit, Justin struggled on for eight minutes, answering questions about his new album, Patience, and whether he likes to ‘go to disco.’

But as the interview wears on, Justin’s patience was clearly wearing thin.

The presenters asked Bieber if he ran out of people to thank after collecting six awards at the EMAs last week.

‘I just wanted to be in the moment. I don’t wanna have to think about all these different people during this time, I just wanna enjoy it,’ he replied.

And, seemingly misinterpreting the meaning behind the question, he added: ‘If they need me to thank them on an awards show to make them feel validated, you weren’t doing it for the right reasons anyway.’

When asked who he would give a Male Artist of the Year award to other than himself, Justin struggles to come up with a name, eventually saying: ‘Maybe Drake or something. But, I don’t know. He’s, yeah. He’s awesome.’


And when he was asked if there was a woman behind his ‘look’, Justin replied: ‘No, there’s no woman right now. Yeah, I dress myself.’

And the final straw comes when the hosts invite Justin to meet ‘the biggest YouTubers in Europe’, at which point he gets up, walks out the door – and, according to a message at the end of the video, never returns. Eek!

Watch the awkward interview below…