Beyonce has mastered the 'Stop'...and smile* to a tee. Watch her at work in slow-mo!


We cannot stop watching this! It made us laugh. It made us feel a bit bad. It made us question Beyonce‘s character- and we LOVE Beyonce.

If there was an award for the most awkward red carpet moment, this would be it. A close second would be that time Jennifer Lawrence totally stacked it at the Oscars.

The video was caught by a Beyonce fan as the singer, 34, joined hubby Jay Z, BFF Nicki Minaj, Usher, Meek Mill and other big-music folks at the Tidal music event in New York on Tuesday night.

Before hitting the stage in a pink leotard, Bey owned red carpet in a silk plum dress which left very little to the imagination.

As always, Bey had an assistant to make sure she was looking perfect. But as she stood in front of the cameras and the lady fussed around her dress making sure those boobs were contained Beyonce quickly decided she’d had enough and totally shut her butt down!

‘Stop it,’ she subtly says, and then turns to show her flawless smile to the awaiting cameras.

It was so icy. That poor assistant. Are all the reports true – is Beyonce actually a total diva?

Here’s what Twitter thought of it all…

We hope that assistant still has a job?!

Lydia Southern