Drake dropped the video for his new single, Hotline Bling, overnight - and it features some pretty LOLtastic dance moves from the rapper


Ah, Drake. Lyrical poet. Doe-eyed muscle man. Causer of weak knees the world over.And now, umm, secret dad dancer!?

Yes, tis true. It turns out the rapper has some serious dad dancing moves, as his brand new music video proves!

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Drake dropped the video for his new single Hotline Bling overnight, and it sees to 28-year-old star giving new meaning to the phrase ‘dance like no-one’s watching’.

Drizzy’s got ALL the classic dad dancing moves nailed. The Side Step. The Hand Roll. Even The Hip Swing. Check them out above!

Predictably, the video has gone down a storm on Twitter where people are LOLing and swooning over it in equal measure.



One user suggested that fellow internet sensation Joanna Rohrback – the woman behind ‘Prancercise’ – had inspired Drake’s moves.

Another thought maybe Drake had been working with this guy…

Meanwhile, others picked up on Drake’s snazzy dress sense in the video, which at one point sees him wearing a particularly snuggly looking roll neck jumper paired with tracky bottoms and a pair of Timberland boots. As you do.



And for some it was all just too overwhelming to take in.

The track is taken from Drake’s upcoming album Views From The 6, which is due to be released soon.

And he’s been a busy boy because, in between making a turtleneck look hot and getting his groove on for the Hotline Bling video, the star also managed to find time to preview a track with Beyonce!

Can I features Drake rapping over a Queen Bey sample – and it’s pretty cool. Oh, and a little sweary, too. Just to warn you before you embarrass yourself by playing it on your work computer with the volume turned up…