Australian radio DJ Jackie O was left in tears after Little Mix member Jade Thirwell refused to answer a question about Justin Bieber


It’s not often that lovely Little Mix reduce someone to tears – and even when they do they’re usually tears of overwhelming joy at just how awesome the brilliant band are.

But that definitely wasn’t the case when they left one unsuspecting radio host in tears after storming out of a live interview.

The girls were being quizzed on Australian radio station KISS 1065 by DJs Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O when Little Mixer Jade Thirlwall appeared to take issue with a question about Justin Bieber.

During the totally awkward chat – which was captured on video – Kyle said: ‘Your [album] is out on November 6. I think a week later they are doing that whole One Direction versus Justin Bieber thing there on the 13th.”

‘Well, Justin said he thinks they did it deliberately as a publicity stunt,’ said Jackie, before Kyle asked the girls: ‘What do you guys think of the 1D Bieber thing? Have you got any opinion on it?’

And that’s when it all kicked off.

‘To be honest, I’m sick of talking about it to be fair,’ Jade snapped back.

A stunned Jackie then said: ‘Really? Do you get asked a lot about Justin Bieber?’

‘It has actually really p**sed us off,” Jade replied, before bandmate Jesy Nelson chimed in: ‘We get asked about it a lot and we’re here to promote our single.’

Jade then continued to rant, saying: ‘We want to talk about our music and then we get asked about him all the time.

‘I mean, what’s the point? What is your point? I’m serious. I said I didn’t want to talk about it.’

And with that, she stood up and huffed out of the room, followed by Jesy – leaving bandmates Perrie Edwards and Leigh-Anne Pinnock looking awks.

‘I did not know, no-one has told us,’ a clearly confused Jackie says.

As Perrie and Leigh-Anne follow their departed bandmates out of the studio door, Jackie turns to Kyle and asks: ‘What just happened? I don’t even know what just happened. Wow, okay.’

But then, thankfully, the whole thing is revealed to be one big joke, with the girls bursting back to shrieks of, ‘Only lying!’

Clearly relieved, a tearful Jackie says: ‘You guys acted that out so well!’

She adds: ‘I’m just glad you’re not p*ssed off.’

Sneaky Kyle then confesses to be behind the whole thing as part of the pair’s on-going friendly battle.

‘The torture of Jackie O continues,” he says. “I put them up to this. And just before the girls came in, the guys told Jackie to ask about the Justin Bieber thing.

He also confessed: ‘Even I knew it was a joke and even I got scared.’

Well, those Little Mix ladies can be fierce when they want to be!

Check out the full video below…