Michelle Keegan treats Instagram fans to a video of topless Mark Wright during their US trip

It looks like Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright have fitted right in during their sun-soaked trip to the States this week.

The couple, both 28, have been hanging out in Los Angeles during the past few days, where they’ve been attending some potentially very exciting work meetings – ooh!

But the vacation hasn’t all been about professional matters. Michelle and her fella made the most of their time in the city yesterday by heading out for a keep fit session which involved Mark running TOPLESS down the road. Blimey!

Michelle cheekily filmed her hubby as she cycled alongside him in the glorious sunshine and added the tune Eye Of The Tiger, made famous by the Rocky films, for comic effect.

‘Putting him through his paces!! ☀️ @wrighty_,’ the actress captioned the clip on Instagram.

A smiling Michelle sticks her tongue out for the camera at the start of the footage before turning the camera on Mark, who flaunts his buff chest whilst sprinting at an impressive speed beside his wife.

The video seems to have inspired Michelle’s followers, with one commenting: ‘goals right there’

Another jokingly wrote: ‘I’d fall off my bike riding next to that hunk!’ Ooh-er!

The lovebirds – who tied the knot in a lavish ceremony held in Bury St Edmunds back in May – must have got the fitness bug from the locals. Michelle has admitted in her Hello! blog that she’s noticed how LA folk are really into looking after themselves.

‘I must say that there is a real importance to living a healthy lifestyle in LA, to keep up with everybody around you it seems like the gym and keeping fit is as natural as brushing your teeth in the morning…,’ the former Coronation Street star writes.

‘You see people constantly walking around in gym outfits, trainers and a healthy smoothie in hand!’

We think you’re doing just fine, Michelle!

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