Now grills TOWIE's Jasmin Walia and Ross Worsick in the game Mr and Mrs!

It’s the age old game that manages to divide couples, test their bond and leave them clutching ferociously at what they thought they knew about each other- otherwise knows as Mr and Mrs.

And who have Now decided to put under the almighty spotlight of Mr and Mrs?!

Step forward TOWIE’s Jamsin Walia and Ex on The Beach’s Ross Worswick in a special segment we like to call ‘Mr and Mrs- Essex on The Beach’.

The pair were together, and then they weren’t, and now they are again and it’s all rainbows! Yay! In fact, Jasmin even recently described the pair of them as ‘magical’, saying ‘I’m having such an amazing time with Ross at the moment, and this next chapter promises to be even better, full of surprises and magical moment’. She’s just like a romantic Harry Potter, isn’t she?

The 25-year-old then added ‘at the moment we are happy. If you really love someone, then you work through anything bad that comes to you’.

But how long can the magic last under the Mr and Mrs pressure?! Quite well, actually.

As it turns out Ross (in his own words) is an utter ‘cringe-ball’, boasting to be the most romantic of the pair with his collection of love-notes and personalised albums for Jasmin.

In fact, any sign of conflict and Ross is straight to the scene of the crime armed with goodies- ‘we’ll have the tiniest, tiniest argument and i’ll turn up out of no-where with flowers’. If we were Jamin we’d start being very annoyed a lot of the time…

But no fear, Ross fans, this is a mutually beneficial arrangement- Ross has been teaching Miss Walia to cook, and has been thoroughly impressed with her attempts in the kitchen.

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Alice Perry